Field Updates and News

This page is regularly updated like my old Boston College website was from 2002-2005 ( and my original ECR site was from July 2007-July 2010 and Sept. 2010-October 2012. The most recent posts are at the top. In other words, scroll down for older updates. Note: if you regularly visited my old website and looked forward to these updates then please read my book, Suburban Howls, to fill in information from my old webpage to this more current version. Please click on the following links/dates to read about them. Unfortunately I lost some older links because my previous website host lost them when they crashed but most links from the middle of 2009 and on are working properly. Rather than recreating many of the earlier field updates, I have gone through my files of pictures and posted them to a new link on my website, the “Coywolf Gallery”.


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