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Note: October 23, 2012. I currently am discontinuing these valuable offers because I do not have research permits. It is important to remember that the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries of Wildlife allows anyone to buy a $30 license to blow these animals away for ~6 months a year, yet goes out of their way to make conducting research on the same animals exceedingly difficult. They won’t give me a permit because I am not affiliated with a university despite working with a veterinarian clinic and I have 2 graduate degrees related to the subject.

            Since establishing my business, Eastern Coyote Research, I have been thinking of ways to improve public outreach as well as raise money to continue our research.  Eastern Coyote Adventures attempts to do just that.

            Do you want to experience actual field research on eastern coyotes?

            Do you want to live like a coyote researcher by tracking coyotes and journaling their activities with me, Jon Way, in the suburban wilds of eastern Massachusetts?

            This is more than just a guided tour of some of the wildest and most beautiful land that Cape Cod has to offer, but provides actual hands-on apprenticeship hours doing authentic research in an ongoing study of over ten years on eastern coyotes in Massachusetts. Depending on the time of year and our current research activities, you may handle and help to collar wild coyotes, view coyote families in the wild at their rendezvous sites during the dog days of summer, track coyote packs in the winter, monitor female coyotes and pups at their spring dens, and follow coyotes as they patrol their territories during fall.

            Best of all, the reasonable fees for these authentic adventures are what help support our research on coyotes.

            Eventually I will have the tracking schedules listed on this web site, but for now, if you are interested in joining one of our tracking teams, or helping support our eastern coyote research effort, please email me at: easterncoyoteresearch@yahoo.com for rates and availability dates of legitimate field research opportunities. Dates are negotiable, ranging from day trips and single-night tracking forays, to multiple-day and overnight adventures.

            Click here for a 1 page Field School Description

            Pictures of activities of former participants:

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