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In September 2010 I rebuilt my website due to my old files (from July 2007 to July 2010) being lost by my original host server of Most especially, I lost many of the files from my Field Updates section from that older version of my ECR website. Rather than recreating many of those updates, I have gone through my files of pictures and looked for all low resolution pictures, which I usually edited before posting. Many of those pictures can now be seen here at the “Coywolf Gallery”. Note: this is the biggest file on my webpage because of the large number of pictures. Please wait a few moments for it to download, then you will have a nice array of pictures!

Coywolves in Their Natural Environment:


Coywolf yawning

In wild, next to major road


Capture and handling of various animals over the past few years, including pups (any animals being handled are sedated):

Capture of “Jaws”, a coyote/coywolf that we had to remove part of his face because his Jaw was broken. Below is the entire process, from capture to surgery to radio-collaring to pre-release:

Capture of a mangy coyote/coywolf (it was rehabilitated and released into the wild):

Dead coywolves:

Bizarre instance of a dead female at her den and 2 wild pups on her body. Evidence suggests that the female’s mate raised all or most of these pups.

Dead of undetermined causes.

Shot in neck and left to rot; beautiful 34 lb female.

Miscellaneous pictures:

  • Yellowstone pictures:

Elk herd near and far away

There are many sightings of wolves in Yellowstone including the Blacktail pack on a dead bison (with ravens to right) and “famous” wolf 302 stretching, who was a long-time Druid before forming the Blacktail pack with nephews and sons. He was eventually killed by a competing wolf pack the winter after this picture was taken. He was a legendary Yellowstone wolf.

wolf 472

Agate pack including 472 on rock-face.

Blacktail pack April 2009 greeting

Blacktail pack (April 2009)

Canyon alpha male zoomed (April 2009)

Grizzly bear traveling near hot spring. It is amazing that you can still see animals like this in the wild, like in Yellowstone!

Mollies wolf 641

  • Baxter State Park in Maine. Baxter is one of the only large natural areas that does not allow hunting here in the East. There should be more places like this, similar to our many western national parks:

There are lots of moose in Baxter Park!

Knife’s edge! What a hike.

Katahdin Mountain

Wild turkeys and fisher capture on Cape Cod, MA:

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