The following schedule lists where I will be giving presentations on my research and/or book signings. After most talks, I will have my books available (except at places such as a free/public library where it is not legal to sell things). At book signings (like at a book store), I will likely just do a signing and no talk/presentation.  Generally, I request a speakers fee (honorarium) of $250-300 per talk/presentation (potentially more outside of eastern MA) which greatly supports my research endeavors and travel costs. I have many talks I can give but the most common are:

1. Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Ecology and Behavior – This is my standard talk where I give a 1 hour 30 minute powerpoint presentation showing over 100 pictures of eastern coyotes/coywolves including approximately 30 minutes of video-clips (so 1 hr talk, 30 min of videos). This is the most extensive talk on the subject that I know of. Note: Talk revised and updated August 2011 to discuss more on hybridization including with pictures of various Canis in North America.

2. My Yellowstone Experience – I have visited the world’s first national park 14 times and have well over 100 pictures and many video clips on the amazing wildlife, geothermal features, and scenery of the area. You’ll see photographs of elk, bison, bighorn sheep, black bears, coyote-badgers, and wolves, along with the park’s unique geology and scenery. A special talk about a special place.  My book “My Yellowstone Experience” will be available for signing as well.

3. New in 2015! Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Hybridizaton: Phenotypic, Morphological, and Genetic Findings. This talk focuses on the Taxonomy behind the eastern coyote/coywolf and describes in depth why this creature is a unique form of North American Canis. Related ecological and behavioral findings are shared too.

4. Canid/Coyote/Coywolf Management – This talk focuses on Coyote and Coywolf behavior and how management (i.e., hunting) plans for these creatures are not accurately reflected given their social, intelligent, family-oriented nature, and the fact that they are ecologically important animals in a given area, especially where larger predators (e.g., wolves and cougars/mountain lions) have been killed off.

Please contact me (Jon) at if interested. Thanks in advance!


Scheduled events:

1. June 4, 2016 (Saturday). Eastern Coyote/Coywolf talk @11 AM at Methodist Meeting House (Main St., Wareham, MA) for the Wareham Land Trust. Contact: Kari Amick (

Note: I do not advertise all events, such as private venues or educational visits to school groups or universities.


Past events with active links (most recent link on top of list):

1. Link to Eastern Coyote/Coywolf hybridization/talk. This is from a talk I gave August 31, 2015 for the Tales of Cape Cod at The Olde Court House across the street from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Barnstable, MA.

2. Visit this site: Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehabilitation Center, I spoke there May 2009, as well Labor Day weekends 2011, 2012, & 2015. A great and worthwhile place to visit and to donate to.

3. Barnstable Land Trust. A great organization that supports my work through a public talk once a year. They have protected ~1000 acres in the town of Barnstable, MA!

4. September 14, 2010. Radio interview with Ira Wood on WOMR 92.1 Provincetown – Outer Cape Debate. We discuss the hybrid nature of eastern coyote/coywolves and their ecology on Cape Cod and beyond.

5. January 20, 2010. The Point with Mindy Todd on Cape Cod’s NPR stations. An interview based on the hybrid nature of the Eastern Coyote and why I think they should be called Coywolves.

6. July 27, 2007. One Man’s Life Work: The Eastern Coyote. Interview by Christina Russo. New Hampshire Public Radio.

7. July 12, 2007. The Point with Mindy Todd on Cape Cod’s NPR stations. An interview based on the recent release of my book Suburban Howls.

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