Consulting Services

Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Research Consulting

In addition to my public outreach efforts on my Events Page, I also offer consulting services on a wide variety of issues including community groups looking to coexist with coyotes and other wildlife, ways to lessen conflicts in residential areas (from private homeowners to communities), expert witnesses related to wildlife (for example, looking for evidence of wolves in Maine; testifying to actual coyote behavior), and legal services. With many groups interested in more humane wildlife management (i.e., less killing), there is a potential for revolutionary change in how wildlife is treated. This will no doubt lead to many lawsuits and court cases in the future to reform wildlife management. I am available for consulting on the following concepts, among other topics that may interest you:

  • Coyote (& canid) territoriality and the concept of a problem individual
  • Coyote (& canid) dispersal ability and lethal control
  • Coyote (& canid) control related to population and demographic parameters
  • Ecological importance of predators including coyotes
  • Coyote-human interactions
  • Compassionate conservation and the ethics of lethal control
  • Wildlife watching and the growing field of non-consumptive recreation

Thank you for your consideration of your services,

Jon –

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