2018 Field Updates & News

19 March 2018. Animal cruelty in rural areas should not be tolerated. This is a great, concise LTE that summarizes why I standby advocating humane and ethical treatment to all animals especially eastern coyotes/coywolves.


12 March 2018. Man in NY shot by coyote hunter. Thank goodness the state of NY allows “coyote” hunting at night and just before females give birth; how ethical (sarcasm intended). Man that was shot intends to sue the hunter.


9 March 2018. A very important scientific paper just came out: Wildlife conservation in North America may not be science-based after all. To many that follow my research, this will not be a surprise but it is good to have a peer reviewed paper indicating such. Here is a copy of the actual scientific paper too (article above is a story based on the paper).


2 March 2018. While Cape Cod bleeds, San Francisco leads. This is a wonderful Op-Ed that I just became aware of where it explains how San Fran is learning to coexist with coyotes while Cape Cod participates in organized slaughter.


February 27, 2018. What science backs coyote killing contests? This is my response to the Vermont Division of Fish and Wildlife for allowing these barbaric contests. BTW – in the article it says 65%. It should say 65% coyote.


February 23, 2018. Third dog attacked by coyotes in Natick (MA). I am always amazed that there aren’t more attacks but it is important for people to remember to leash dogs and have them near you. It can make the difference in an encounter with a pack/family of coyotes, and is critical in keeping them safe in close encounters.


February 22, 2018. In some good news: Vermont approves coyote contest ban… But the end of the article says it all: Vermonters can still hunt coyotes all year. And of course the Wildlife Commissioner had to make sure that his hunting constituents knew that he didn’t seek the ban.


February 19, 2018. Follow 3 states’ lead to ban hunting contests. This is a great editorial based on Cape Cod!


February 11, 2018. Animal rights activists and hunters face off in Hyannis over coyote hunting contest. I am glad to see that the writer correctly identifies many of the hunters in their audience as “part of an anti-government extremist movement”. Yes that occurs even here on Cape Cod. Gee, I wonder what their political views are!


February 10, 2018. N.C. hunter wins S.C. lifetime hunting license for killing tagged coyote: Rockingham, N.C. hunter killed prize coyote in Marlboro County, S.C. This is beyond atrocious and truly shows who “manages” our wildlife.


February 7, 2018. Group plans protest of coyote-hunting contest. In some good news, many people have spoken out and are planning on vocalizing their displeasure to coyote hunting contests.


February 3, 2018. This coyote was stealing newspapers, so here’s what the delivery man did. This is a very cool and feel good article… Despite the draconian things that our state wildlife agencies allow – like hunting contests – there are still many more people who care for these animals like the person featured in this story.


February 2, 2018. Cape-based coyote hunt spurs debate. The comments by MassWildlife are beyond telling. I think they live in a bubble and believe these things are acceptable and normal. These contests are done by a super-minority of people. The time is now to call them out and reform these agencies…


February 1, 2018. Urban foxes and coyotes learn to set aside their differences and coexist. This is a very interesting study but it does appear that in many parts of their study area that foxes did avoid coyotes but in some areas they didn’t. Very interesting…


January 31, 2018. Owner and dog attacked near Boston. This is a frightening and highly unusual situation where a pack surrounded a dog and its owner. It appears the man did everything right in fighting this pack off.


January 25, 2018. To protect our social licence, we have to stop killing animals we don’t eat. This is a wonderful and timely article!


January 25, 2018. After yesterday’s very troublesome news (see link immediately below) there is some great news that slipped my news-real back in December: “Dingell, Fortenberry Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Enhance Funding for Fish and Wildlife”. This is great news as the $1.3 Billion annual source of funding comes from non-hunters and will be used to support wildlife conservation. This is very important for all who care about wildlife. And here is a petition by National Wildlife Federation where you can sign on to support the cause.


January 24, 2018: Here is the first coyote hunting contest that I am aware of in MA, and here on Cape Cod, MA. This is outrageous. Spread the word about who really gets to “manage” our wildlife. Of course, MA Wildlife and local town laws do nothing to prevent this “tragedy of the commons”. https://www.facebook.com/PowderhornOutfitters/


January 21, 2018. Kill those coyotes, at your possible peril. This is a great article, coming from Vermont, and written by a deer hunter who appreciates “coyotes” on the landscape as a fellow predator. The author, Dennis Jensen, does a good job too of describing Vermont Fish and Game who declares to not support the contests but does nothing to change the laws to make them illegal or to establish a closed season on these animals, showing their special interest dominated focus of being pro-hunting. It’s time to call out wildlife depts for their hypocrisity of extending hunting seasons but rarely ever going out of their way to protect wildlife, especially predators. The ending of the article is perfect, saying “I believe we should celebrate the fact that we have a big, intelligent, elusive predator in our midst.”


January 20, 2018. Animal rights activists want state officials to leave coyote roaming near Laguardia alone. Leave it to a state wildlife authority to try and kill coyotes for doing nothing wrong… And that pack was the first pack to begin breeding on Long Island. Essentially they just killed off individuals that would’ve colonized Long Island one of the last places in the lower 48 for them to reach. Please sign this petition to get them to cancel the plan, as usually at tax-payers expense. I appreciate the people in the video speaking up for the coyote dubbed “Dumbo”.


January 20, 2018. Coyotes: Beyond the Howl. This is a unique photo-exhibit which is going up next week at the Sausalito Library in the San Francisco area (from 1/28 to 3/10/18). Janet Kessler a.k.a, “the Coyote Lady” in San Francisco, has been called a, “pioneer in the photo-documentation of the lives of urban coyotes, capturing their intimate lives”. If you are in the area, please try to attend and support this cool venture!


January 16, 2018. ‘Coywolf’ Sightings Grip a Rural New York Community. An article in the New York Times that is mostly positive about eastern coyotes/coywolves yet does not give much biological info and instead focuses on the name (coyote vs. coywolf) which is unfortunate as the main interest, in my opinion, should be how this animal behaves in the wild.

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