2008 Field Updates

I apologize in advance but not all of the links work from 2007 to 2009. Some of the files (especially Field Updates from 2007 to 2009) were lost when my old hosting company disappeared. I comment below where the Field Updates actually work to save you some time. Additionally, most articles from the internet will still be valid as these links weren’t affected when I switched hosting companies. Again, it is only my older field updates that were lost including most from this (2008) page:


December 31, 2008. It is not a happy start of the New Year for me – Eastern Coyote Fac was shot in the neck and left to rot. Yet another coywolf to die at the hands of humans. Update Jan. 2: I am stuck inside today in 5 degree weather (my window is frozen and I need it to roll down in order to stick my antenna out and radio-track). That led me to reflect more about how the poaching of Fac is almost criminal – read below (scroll to bottom).Update Jan 4: It gets even better. It turns out that killing and not recovering of an animal is actually NOT illegal – it only is for ducks in Massachusetts. Update Jan. 7: Additional comments at the very bottom of this update.


December 21, 2008. Lengthy Field Update: most Coywolves in normal areas; Snup shot and killed – read the story on how I found out. Once again, what a shame – that didn’t have to happen. Update Dec. 23: Outrage: trap stolen off Hollow Dirt Rd off Newtown Rd, in Barnstable but around the Mashpee town line. These box traps cost $400 and I got 2 last year, including that one, through a grant through Barnstable High School. This happens at least once every year or two and every time I ask myself why I bother continuing this research as it is so frustrating at times. We had coywolves going in the trap and I was going to set it for capture during Christmas break. How incredibly frustrating. It takes so much effort to bait and check traps that it is hard to continue to be motivated after events like this.


September 27, 2008. Open letter to Governor Patrick about Coyote/Wildlife Management. Link is active and working!


August 18, 2008. Updated November 1. Update from the field: Cape Cod happenings. Two radio-collared coyotes now traveling together! Updated August 22: Revised pup count of Snup’s group = 7; Cost information. Updated Sept. 7: additional updates from 8/18/08. Updated Sept. 22: Coyote updates including Walnut located in Hingham (see bottom of page for Walnut)! October 4: New coyote capture “Eben” a 36.7 lb probably pup or yearling of Cake’s! (scroll down to Cake’s section to read about Eben). Nov. 1: Eben has disappeared.


July 19, 2008. Eastern Coyote Research Recommends a National (or state) Canid Protection Act. Link is Active to Canid Management Page.


June 13, 2008. Updated July 3. Record number of eastern coy-wolves (eastern coyotes) slaughtered in Massachusetts; token Wildlife Watching Areas discussed. Update June 14: Article on “Record Number of Coyotes Killed in MA,” with my comments.Update July 3: Outrage: half the population of eastern coywolves killed on Cape Cod 2007-08. Unbelievable.


Update starting May 15, 2008. Field update: spring and summer 2008. Update May 18: 2 new captures; possible failed collar (how frustrating). Update May 21: Eb found! Update May 26: Jaws recaptured yet again. Update June 1: Marstons Mills Airport pack probably kills but definitely eats an entire deer in 24 hours! Update June 19: large 43.1 lb adult male coyote “Mill” radio-collared. June 19: additional notes made in text including Eb information and pup updates. Update June 25: Cicadas anyone? Coy-Wolves say yes! Update June 27: New coyote capture “Snup” with pictures added. Update July 3: repeat capture of Mill. Aug. 12: new coyote capture “Cost” – the last update on this link (new update coming soon on a separate link).


May 2, 2008. 1) Letter from a citizen for the wildlife watching refuge; 2) Response from Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife; and 3) My reaction/response


April 25, 2008. Jaws is recaptured and has gained 2 lbs; Pictures of Nathan; Field update; Letter of disappointment


March 29, 2008. Outrage: Captive Coyote Permit denied; wild eastern coyote update. Update April 12: Still no permits – the status quo clones have won.


March 17, 2008. A new member of my pack is here: Nathan, on 15 March 2008: 7 lb 15.2 oz.


March 6, 2008. News from afar: 1) Apparent wolf in Massachusetts was a wild wolf; 2) Environmental groups try to stop the federal group “Wildlife Services” from killing wildlife. Update March 20: longer, more detailed article in the Boston Globe (with my comments added)


March 2, 2008. Coyote Hunting for 2007-08 is almost over in Massachusetts. Thank God.


March 1, 2008. Random news in addition to update below (see Feb. 24): Wolf losing Endangered Species Act protections out west, but what about their smaller cousin, the coyote? Also, captive coyote permit update – please help by submitting a letter of support.


February 24, 2008. Lots of happenings: Capture of 2 more coyotes (1 on Cape Cod, “Jaws”; 1 in north Boston, “Hood”), Walnut in Hingham, Coak update, Raider is missing, again. Update on Feb. 25: Pictures of Hood added!  Update March 1: Still no Raider, but Coak is consistently in Raider’s range! Also, coyote Jaws has successful surgery and then we release him on Feb. 28 (additional pictures included).


February 18, 2008. Battle in the suburbs!!! The link is no longer active but there was a very cool encounter between two resident packs. At the time of the sighting, one pack had 4 individuals and the other 2. Needless to say, the one with 4 won handily!


January 31, 2008. New capture: Coyote “Coak” radio-collared in West Barnstable!


January 19, 2008. Raider has been re-collared! She is a phenomenally healthy 41.2 lb adult female!


January 13, 20081) Permits are here, but this is bittersweet news; 2) Amazing news: Coyote Walnut is 50 miles away. Update on Walnut on Jan. 15.

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